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Organizations, People & Effective CommunicationReflecting on his 35 years of experience as a consultant and business executive, Rick Anthony’s “little book,” Organizations, People & Effective Communication, is big on sound advice, real examples and common sense solutions to recruiting, managing and motivating human resources. It’s a tool kit for managers and a handbook for students of organizational change and leadership communication.

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North American Trading Solutions

North American Trading Solutions, LLC (NATS) was founded to provide a wide range of specialized, US sourced products and services to customers in the Middle East, Africa, Europe and South America. The company has senior leadership experience in information technology, software product development, marketing, finance and human resource management. Our network of providers and solutions extends across markets and includes some of the most successful and well known players in our target industries.

The list of target industries includes green initiatives, financial infrastructure for developing and expanding markets, management development and training programs and specialty product items. Through an extensive network of entrepreneurs, venture funds and educational institutions, we are constantly vigilant for cutting edge technologies and offerings that can make a substantial and profound impact on local economies, ecology and standards of living.

When launching NATS, the partners envisioned a company that would be focused on bringing best-of-breed technologies and innovative products to solve real problems and to fulfill real needs. For our product solution partners, NATS provides business advice, product management support and sales agent services. For our sales and end user community, NATS provides easy process driven access to evaluate, select, implement and support a chosen solution.

Green Initiatives
NATS is actively engaged in several green initiatives, including:

  • Renewable Hydrogen
  • Hydrokinetic
  • Wind
  • Solar Roofing
  • Plastic Wood, Concrete and Steel Replacement

Hydro Solutions
In-stream hydrokinetic power generation is the production of power through installation of turbines, such as our system, in order to capture the kinetic energy of moving water. It allows the water to move along its natural path and significantly reduces the effects on wildlife, principally due to the absence of dams. In addition, our system can improve the electrical production of existing dams by capturing the kinetic energy otherwise lost in the tailrace.

Wind Solutions
Wind power is a viable industry for alternative energy. Our system is highly adaptable to exploit an untapped market niche in urban wind power as it requires no reorientation due to changing currents and turbulent environments. As a consequence of the smooth operation of our system, it has a competitive advantage given the minimal noise and vibration. Our wind systems are being designed for roof top (commercial, institutional and residential) and stand-alone applications in the 2-10 kW capacity arena.

Plastic Solutions
NATS has partnered with Axion International, a solutions provider creating or improving infrastructure products by using patented technology applied to plastics reclaimed from the waste stream. The specific markets directly impacted by these technological advances include the railroad industry, bridge construction and maintenance, marine and general industrial applications. Axion offers better structural solutions to specific construction projects than exist today. We believe that these solutions can be both economically competitive and eco?friendly in addition to being structurally superior.

Financial and Card Payment Solutions
NATS provides electronic payments experience, expertise and management solutions-including Pre-Paid Card Programs, Merchant Acquiring, Open/Closed loop transaction systems. Our extensive experience over the last 20+ years lends credence to our abilities to identify, design and manage any and all card programs. NATS provides an end-to-end card solution that encompasses card issuance to back-end settlement and database management services.

Management Development and Training
Through its strategic relationship with The Solutions Network, Inc, NATS is able to provide the following list of services and solutions.

  • Conduct assessments to identify needs and opportunities for competency and skills training and development

  • Design customized programs to achieve specific, measurable behavioral and performance outcomes

  • Deliver onsite or online training and development programs with expert facilitation and subject expertise

  • Conduct follow-up assessments to determine the efficacy of the training and development against predetermined outcomes

  • Provide customized individual or group coaching and mentoring to improve individual or group performance

  • Develop plans to drive and manage change through effective leadership and leadership communication