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Organizations, People & Effective CommunicationReflecting on his 35 years of experience as a consultant and business executive, Rick Anthony’s “little book,” Organizations, People & Effective Communication, is big on sound advice, real examples and common sense solutions to recruiting, managing and motivating human resources. It’s a tool kit for managers and a handbook for students of organizational change and leadership communication.

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In my 30-year career I have worked with more than six executive coaches. Rick is one of the better coaches I have seen.

Norm Miller, Chief Operating Officer
Dollar Financial Group, Inc.


Our consulting work focuses on helping clients create an environment in which people and processes are operating at peak performance and employees:
  • have a strong sense of purpose and affiliation,

  • are motivated to make emotional and intellectual commitments to business goals,

  • receive timely feedback on individual and group performance,
  • are recognized and rewarded for achievement,

  • have opportunities for continuous learning and job enrichment and

  • are encouraged to balance personal and work-related commitments.
Human Resources Management
Our consultants assist clients with every aspect of human resource management, starting with developing effective recruiting and selection systems, through the full spectrum of development, assessment and reward programs that drive people and organizations to peak performance.
  • HR Strategy and Planning

  • Executive Compensation (Short and Long-Term)

  • Compensation (Fixed and Variable)

  • Health and Welfare Benefits Programs

  • Employee Relations

  • Labor Relations
  • Corporate Communications

  • Information Technology

  • Online Learning

  • Respect in the Workplace Training

  • Affirmative Action & EEO

  • HR Outsourcing
Performance Improvement
We concentrate on aligning people, systems, processes and business goals, plus developing leadership decision-making and communication skills to drive and manage change.
  • Employee Diagnostics

  • Competency Assessment and Development
  • Leadership Training and Development

  • Executive Coaching

Business Advisory Services
For small and mid-size clients, we provide a suite of basic business strategy and operations support services, such as marketing and sales management, delivered by shirt-sleeve experts with entrepreneurial experience.
  • Strategic Planning Facilitation

  • Mergers & Acquisitions Integration

  • Workflow Improvement

  • Culture Change & Cross Culture Training
  • Risk Assessment & Management

  • Online Surveys

  • Interim Staffing